Tom Bits
"Tom Bits"

Unless you're interested in doing some archaeology (to my embarrassment), you should probably visit my new page at instead. This is way old and out of date!

          Hi, I'm Tom 7. Welcome to my new minimalist and confusing web page. This is actually just an alternate interface for my Atrophying Old CMU Page, which you can go to if you enjoy eye strain and ugliness.

          Right. So this is the page of links to 'Tom Bits', which is actually a pretty broad topic -- after the requisite biographical link, it's mainly miscellaneous parts that didn't fit into the other misleading categories. This is also probably the least interesting category; don't forget to check out the much more exciting art bits, computer bits, and other sites pages too!

Tom 7 Radar
          This is the "what's new" section of my site. I'm going to try to update this really frequently with both information on site updates and personal info -- it also includes web links I've found to be interesting. Go here and browse for a good perspective on what I've been up to lately.
Tom 7's Schedule
          Here's a PDF version of my schedule last semester, and now one of this semester.
Tom's Biography Thing
          Here's my original biographical page from ages ago, which still occasionally gets updated. No matter what I do it seems inaccurate, though I suspect that is the nature of biographies.

          Photos of me, factsheets, and descriptions of my Favorite Bands can be found here, not to mention Marc's Wildly Inaccurate but Supremely Cool Biography of me.

Tom's CD List
          Check out my complete CD List. I wrote a program which lets you browse it on the web, view my cross-referenced annotations, ratings, etc. etc. Kind of cool. Warning: high Indie Rock Propaganda content.

I rewrote this in my new database-enabled functional scripting language "Aphasia", because I lost my old programs to the Maxtor Hard Drive Crash of Summer '99.

#42 Posse
          This is a page I made for my (?) IRC channel many years ago. Lots of groovy flowers here, and despite the fact that I've written over 650 little songs on my keyboard, this is currently one of the only places on the internet where you can hear them (as theme songs for Posse Members)!
The Photoelectric Effect
          When in season, this page attempts to keep up with a radio show I do with my pal Karthik on the campus radio station WRCT. Don't worry if you're not in Pittsburgh -- you can also listen in on the internet.

          Due to how incredibly tedious it is to type in playlists, this site is very neglected. But you can check out some old playlists to see what sort of stuff we like to play. (Actually, now that Karthik and I have graduated, there's no hope of updates here. But it is amusing from an archaeological perspective.)

My Other Web Pages
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