Lyrics to "Questions and Answers", on the Apples In Stereo album "Her Wallpaper Reverie".

Composed by Hilarie Sidney, (c) 1999 The Elephant 6 Publishing Co. Reproduced without permission.

40 years and still seems everything's okay
Just ask the question that will make it go away
You still can't change it with a waving of your hand
It comes to mean that everything is surely planned

They're sending me a picture of the moon
And star-mapped skies for travellers in tune

With all that falls beneath us from the sky*
Be steady light, shine bright behind my eyes

Answer the question: Is it straight or in a line?
Or still a spiral not aware of such a sign
And with the gravity that seems to pull us down
There is awareness to align us with the ground


* not sure about this line


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