Solution to Level 8.4 (Adventures of Lolo 3)

The key insight to solving this level is to move the leftmost worm to get the heart framer in the middle on the bottom (using a block to get this heart framer will lead you to tens of near-solutions which barely fall short of working). Start by pushing a block to get the bottom right framer (you need some eggs to start with). Now use the rightmost worm to block the topleft medusa in the down direction. Grab the free egg using the worm on the top. Use the two remaining blocks to block the bottom medusa's shot up, and to get the heart framer at the top right.

Now you have to quickly use the left worm to get the heart framer on the bottom (shooting it a second time before it hatches), then again to get the bottom-left framer (shoot it a second time), then finally to block the top medusa's left shot. Use your last egg to move the pink dragon to the right, then get the last heart framer. A shot of the solved position is shown below:


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