because it's yours.

This is a simple program I wrote because I was sick of using Norton Disk Editor to do this, and so it could be a little more accessable to the general Windows user.

The program allows you to change text stored within your programs. This lets you do things like change error messages, title bars, splash screens, and lots of other stuff. It is a lot of fun.

The program available here is in "Early Alpha", or something. It isn't done. The "Save As..." doesn't work yet. Some of the preferences are ignored. You can open up a file, edit the strings in it, and save it again, and it seems to work OK. There is no documentation yet, but this will change when I finish the program (eventually).

WARNING: There are some strings contained in programs which are necessary for their operation. Changing these would cause undesirable results. For this reason, always make a backup of the files you edit before you ruin them.

Get the stuff!

strings95.exe [287k] Windows 95 binary, documentless for now. [13k] Full, embarassing source.

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