Tom 7's Original Winamp Skins

Hey! This is a page of Winamp skins that I've made, that you can download for your own use or for your winamp skins web page.

The use of the pluralizing 's' at the end of the word 'skins' is a little bit spurious in this case since I've only made two skins so far.
This is my first skin, based on a drawing I made of an anime character I didn't invent. I think it came out pretty well. Good transparency effects on the buttons, anti-aliased fonts, and it looks good in windowshade mode (top image).

Download [ 66.5k ]

My second skins is a tribute to one of my favorite video game characters, Kirby. It's hard to believe what they could do with 4 colors back in those days. This skin is cute and uncluttered, and with my tasteful use of Winamp's new transparent skin feature, the window appears rounded.

Download [ 21.0k ]

If you don't have winamp, you won't be able to do anything with these skins. You should go and get winamp at the official winamp page. You will also find instructions for installing the skins and pointers to good mp3 sites.

You're free to use, modify, and redistribute this skin as long as:

  • You don't sell it or derivatives of it (even as part of a collection)
  • Derivatives which use a significant portion of this skin should give credit to me.

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