This is another quick hack to give your PC a little bit more personality (or to confuse users of it). Given a configuration file, or the one included, it chooses names randomly from it and names your hard drives (changes their volume labels). This program is good for use at boot-up or with the Windows System Agent.

The configuration file looks like this:



#(drive letter)
(list of possible names for that drive)

Then you can run rvol like this:

rvol c d e

Which would change the volume labels for drives c:, d:, and e:.

The default location for the config file is c:\windows\vol.ini, but you can specify a different one on the command line:

rvol -c \path\to\config\file.ini c d f

rvol.exe [ 78k ] - This is the executable, and all you really need (if you're not running Windows 95, you'll need a DOS Extender, actually)

vol.ini [ 2k ] - This is the vol.ini file from my own computer, if you want to look at it or use it as a starting point for your own machine.

The program is in the public domain, and comes with no warranty. Enjoy.

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