Tom 7's Quake Thingies

Ok, there are a hell of a lot of Quake pages out there, and I am not going to insult you by pretending you need to know what Quake is or what the best links are or whatever; this information is readily available on the myriad of other generic Quake pages around. If you really need to, though, you can See 100,000 of them.

So what I am really going to do is give you stuff that isn't (or shouldn't be) available anywhere else. So far this numbers one: Tom 7's quake-c patches.

See Screenshots!


This is a collection of Quake patches, mainly for deathmatches. I have played a whole summer's worth of games with these patches at the Eli Whitney Museum, and so they have been pretty well balanced and have proven to make the game more interesting while still fun. However, they still have plenty of problems and inadequacies (none very severe) -- feel free to correct these for your own use.

This is what the patches do:

These patches are entirely server-side, which means that the people playing do not need to have the patches; only the server. I could have made new sounds and models for them, which probably would have made them look better, but I decided that the convenience of having them entirely server-side was worth it. (Anyway, it's all about fun, not about nice graphics.) Feel free to add funny models if you want.


PROGS.ZIP - get the compiled programs file. Unzip this in a directory like c:\quake\tom\ and then run quake: quake -game tom

SOURCE.ZIP - get the source code. Put it in the c:\quake\tom\progs\ directory and then compile with qccdos.

Coming soon: Tom-Mods with CTF.

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