Other Sites
"Other Sites"
          I love making stuff. I make a lot of web pages.

          This area is a bunch of links to other sites that I've made (or at least played a sizable role in putting together). Not all of these links leave this cmu web server, but many do -- network outages and other anomalies may contribute to their possible non-availability. And forgive me if I sound like an advertisement...

Tom 7's Invincible Web Page
          Now that I'm a grad student, I have a (sort of) serious web page. This replaces the page you're reading as my "primary" page!
: tom7 @ cs cmu edu :
          I have some more web space on the CS web server here at CMU. Here's another web page.

          This page is supposed to just be hugely strange and confusing.

The Space Bar (and grill)
          Spacebar.org and its many subdomains hold my most interactive content when I'm at school. This machine is sitting right next to my desk in my dorm room. Often changing, occasionally unavailable, but check it out!
          Keith and I made this page because we wanted to do something different with the web -- something funny, irreverent, really 'interactive' (cringe), and multi-user. This is what we came up with.

After a terrible crash and bout of ennui, snoot.com suffered at least a year of downtime -- but I'm bringing it back, right now, as you read this. You can go there right now to witness the alpha test!

Tom's Utterly Insignificant Web Page
          Back when browsers didn't have version numbers, 14.4k was blazingly fast, and gatorade.com wasn't taken yet, I made this page. Though it's been refined and updated occasionally, much of it is more or less the same page. This is kind of like when you encase your baby shoes in brass so you have them Forever.

          That's not to say this is a run-of-the mill boring home page. A lot of really good stuff is here (though the two most popular parts are linked directly from this page), and the page has won some genuine acclaim, such as being in the New York Times, Washington Post, and listed in Connecticut Magazine's 50 Best Web Sites in CT. And they put my picture in Yahoo Internet Life! (the horror!)

[Divide By Zero] Fonts
          Though it really belongs on the Art Bits page, it's worth a cross-reference here: my internet type foundry called [Divide By Zero]. It's a vast and quickly-growing collection of TrueType fonts that I've made, and they're all free. Share and Enjoy!

          This is my most popular page that deserves it.

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer
          A summer of screaming kids and computers in a small room drove me to create this handbook for smashing computers into little bits. *The Original*. Lots of good instructions and photos!
Give me that confusing page again