Here are a bunch more scans from my notebook; these are from Fall 1998. (Check out The First and second and most recent collections too!) You might notice that there is practically no actual academic content in these any more apart from an occasional related word or phrase. Don't fear; my grades are still OK!

(gamut) (general problem solver) (jumpbot) (oral surgery) (groovy) (observer) (new bees) (math is power) (that looks fluorescent) (not confused) (bring your own eigenvalues) (signal processing) (mr. gauss) (thyme management) (cronus magnum) (alien abduction) (jerk!) (judge zxcvbnm) (nakerd raisen) (carnegie mellow) (autom7aton) (og sananab) (go blind) (subsystem) (pookie) (what makes me think?) (invariant virus) (ephemeral) (space girl) (shortcoming) (a spiral machine) (bindable logic) (mit slavkappen raisen) (dr. agon) (slides and light) (purac regen) (poisonous breakfast) (robo kick!) (evil robot) (monomer) (log posterior odds)

And as an added bonus, two self-portraits which are at opposite spectrums of not looking like me: (Doesn't look like me) (Also doesn't look like me)

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