A few years ago I wrote an anagram-generating program called "Manarags" (an anagram for 'anagrams' itself) in Quickbasic as a programming challenge for myself and so that I could generate anagrams (which were one of my wordly obsessions at the time, and perhaps still are). The program worked but was frightfully slow and limited by the QB string space of 32k. Over winter break when I was home and Really Bored, I decided I'd rewrite the program in 32-bit C++... it was surprisingly simple to do (I guess I have gotten better) and seems to be thousands of times faster.

So, here it is, Manarags 2. It's compiled in DJGPP and needs dpmi, so if you're not running win 95, you should download the cwsdpmi.exe dos extender (70k). If you have your own C++ compiler which you prefer, you can just download the source and compile it yourself.

Get a Dos/win 95 executable: mana.exe (124k)
Get a required wordlist: wordlist.asc (1,151k)
Get the "complete docs": mana.txt
Instead, get everything you need in a PC zip (recommended): mana.zip (356k)
Get the C++ source code: mana.cc (3k)
Or with a .txt extension for browsing with stupid Netscape 4: manasrc.txt

To use manarags, invoke on the command line like so:

mana phraseforanagrammingwithoutspacesorpunctuation

It's recommended that you redirect the output (which normally goes to the console) to a file, thus:

mana theymightbegiants > tmbg.txt

However, if you are savvy with redirection you can do some fancy stuff, especially with grep (and have it installed):

mana thomasmurphy | grep "trophy" > tom.txt

Will print out only anagrams of thomasmurphy which have the word "trophy" in them.

Tom 7 Happy License Agreement - Free Happiness through Free Software

Finally, this program may be redistributed, reverse engineered, altered, sold, adapted, published, publicly maligned, or in fact anything you want with it, as long as it makes someone happy. If the net unhappiness which is produced from the use of the program and derivatives ever exceeds the net happiness, then distribution of the program should cease, as the license will become void.

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