Cranberry Mellon

NEW! My rvol program changes around the volume labels on your PC.

NEW! Witness me in my full-blown geeky splendor on my Cryptography musings page!

NEW! Check out my second edition of notebook pages: Selected Interesting Notebook Pages II (also the old ones)

Check out my Embed program to change the embedding level of your TrueType fonts.

Check out my Strings95 program for changing the messages in your applications.

Hey you slackers! Go to and play Chess or write stories or learn to cook there!

Check out my Radio Show!

Check out my anagram generator Manarags 2!

Check out my Selected Interesting Notebook Pages from when I was bored in class -- drawings and future [Divide By Zero] Fonts!

Be intimidated by my #42 Posse -- or just blink at the web design and listen to my theme songs!

Check out Coming soon: Epoch (Free online gaming -- if Jacob gets his butt in action!)

Check out a play I wrote during Physics class called Four Hundred Wasted Meters.

Check out my Quake Patches and Stuff!

Space Girl

You should check out some other web pages I made, which are less collegiate (yes, this is my idea of a 'collegiate' web page):

And while you're here, I suppose I should advertise the Computer Science Department at CMU.

And Get my PGP key and use it!

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Thursday, 16 April 1998.