Computer Bits
"Computer Bits"

Unless you're interested in doing some archaeology (to my embarrassment), you should probably visit my new page at instead. This is way old and out of date!

          Computers are both my work and my play. I'm majoring in Computer Science here at Carnegie Mellon. I work as a computer consultant, programmer, and teacher. And in my spare time, I make games and other silliness on my computer.

          This attempts to be a collection of the best stuff that's come of that particular hobby. (Note that 'Computer Bits' is not meant to be funny, it's just to go along with 'Tom Bits' and 'Art Bits'!)

Some links are greyed-out because the materials they reference were destroyed in the Great Maxtor Hard Drive Crash of '99... I want to bring all of this stuff back, eventually.

Tom 7's New Computer!
          If it's anywhere near Summer 2000, you can read about my fancy new computer ("metroid") and possibly take my recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it.
Join Tom7's Prime Team!
          If you have a computer hooked up to the internet, you can put its idle cycles to use searching for large prime numbers! Better yet, you can join my team Internet Prime Search team and help crush the competition! Fun! Easy!
Tom 7's Original Winamp Skins
          This is a page for Winamp skins (downloadable graphics to modify the look of your winamp mp3 player) that I've created. Right now there are just two, but they are cool! Check 'em out!
          Ludus is my newest project, and if you hear me shouting "Ha HA!, I rule!" out my window these days, it's most likely because of ludus.

          The project is to create a free and extensible Role Playing Game environment for the PC (and potentially, other platforms) for making and playing games similar to the tile-based Final Fantasy / Chrono Trigger Series for Super Nintendo. In addition, a multi-user online version of the game is in the works, allowing people to interact and affect a persistant universe in an environment similar to the MUDs and MOOs of the early internet (and entirely unlike the hostile, boring, player-killing games like Ultima Online).

          You can go to the ludus page above if you are a nerd and want to download and play with the source code (or download and play with the mostly working map editor); alternately you can go to The Old Outdated Page for some prettier graphics but practically no accurate information.

Probabilistic Froodlike Speech Generator
          This is a web interface to a program I wrote which analyzes the things I say on IRC and is able to produce almost convincing probabilistic replicas of my speech. This is 100% live; the database updates continuously whenever I'm talking on irc (it also keeps track of the current channel topic). The things it says are often funny. ("You think about kicking his dog and his ping pong ball?", "Steve Buscemi is a stapler.")

Frood is my handle on IRC.

imgsrc : free html tool
          This is a free tool for web developers. Running under dos/95/98 or unix, it will run through html documents, automatically filling in image heights and widths, which can help make web pages load much faster. Free.
          If you're tired of having the same name for your hard drive(s) every time you open 'My Computer', rvol can fix that. Given a text configuration file (sample included) and a list of drive letters, it will randomly pick new names for them! And combined with Windows 95 or 98's task scheduler, you can have rvol change your drive names daily. Kind of fun, really. (I said 'kind of'.)
Manarags 2
          This is an anagram generating program I made ("Microsoft Word -> Discomfort Row"). It's free, and source code is included for those who are interested...
          A small program which sets the embedding level of TrueType fonts to 'Installable Allowed', the least restrictive setting. Due to bugs and confusing defaults in Fontographer, this often a useful utility for font developers, and sometimes the only way to set your own fonts to be embeddable.

          The insufferable Agfa Monotype and International Typeface Corporations sent me a lot of legal threats about this page under the DMCA. An interesting read...

Tom's Cryptography Musings
          This is a collection of some of my cryptography ideas. Go here to learn or laugh, at your discresion.

          Though potentially useful, this page also doubles as my attempt to be as geeky as I can.

Stuff I Wish I Could Have Learned On The Web...
          When I go searching for something on the web and don't find it, and then subsequently discover the answer, I put it on this well-indexed and keyworded page so that people in the future can maybe find it. Not very interesting to browse, sorry.
MIDI Passthrough
          Small program for Windows which allows you to connect a MIDI In device to a MIDI Out device.
211 Stuff
          Some documents I wrote for 15-211 (Fundamental Structures Of Computer Science I), which I TA'd for in Spring 1999. Nerdy.
          Eventually I intend to update and document this program, but it is mildly useful in its current form:

          Strings95 is a windows program intended to make it easy to edit the messages in your applications. It opens up executable programs (or any files, really) and looks for text stored in them -- and then lets you change the text to something else and save the file. Most of the time this enables you to change error messages, title bars, and other things in your windows and dos programs! Beta.

Tom's Quake Mods
          These are some modifications I made to the game Quake. They're pretty cool, they're free, and source code is included. Screenshots available as well.
          My public PGP key. I actually like getting and sending PGP signed/encrypted mail and files, so if you have PGP, don't be shy using it. (You can get PGP here). (Actually just kidding, I probably lost the private key almost 10 years ago. Don't email me with PGP! Love, Tom in 2011)
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