Art Bits
"Art Bits"

Unless you're interested in doing some archaeology (to my embarrassment), you should probably visit my new page at instead. This is way old and out of date!

          Despite being a big computer fan, art is a large part of what I enjoy doing, and a large percentage of the content of my various web pages. This page indexes the more interesting art-related (not just visual art!) pages that I've made.

[Divide By Zero] Fonts
          By far my most popular Art Bit, and probably my favorite -- this is my collection of free TrueType Fonts that I've made.

          You can see them in books and on innumerable web pages, and wish you had them, but this is where to get them. The page is updated frequently with new fonts; at the time I write this description there are 56 there.

Tom 7's music
          I like to make music by myself and with others. You can find some of my music stuff at the Tom 7 Music page, or by jumping straight to, for instance, my Tom 7 Entertainment System video game music or album-a-day project).
Selected Interesting Notebook Pages
          I was finally convinced to put scans of my school notebooks on the web. People seem to find these really amusing, and for hardcore DBZ font fans, you can probably see a lot of past and future fonts among these drawings...
Selected Interesting Notebook Pages II
          The sequel, from my second semester of college! Expect more of these, unless I get burnt out.
Selected Interesting Notebook Pages III
          The sequel to the sequel! These have almost no actual note-taking content. Fun stuff.
Selected Interesting Notebook Pages IV
          The sequel to the sequel to the etc. etc. From the second half of my sophomore year. I think that they get better each semester.
Selected Interesting Notebook Pages V
          I finally scanned these notebooks from 2000-2001. There's some good stuff here, and my favorites are marked with little icons so you don't need to wade through all of them if you're impatient.
Illustrated Notes from Computer Science
          If you start making too many sequels to something, people will get bored of it. I'll let you in on a little secret: This is just "Selected Interesting Notebook Pages" volumes 6 and 7, but you know, grad-student style.
[Divide By Zero]: How To Make Fonts
          People are always asking me about this, so this is a tutorial on how to make your own fonts using Fontographer and Photoshop.
[Divide By Zero] Typography Romp
          In order to give my fonts a bit more of a chance to show off their stuff, I've made this page of demos for them -- designs in which I envision them. Though this is meant to be auxiliary to the [Divide By Zero] main page, there is an index (with some more pretty flowers) to all of the Typography Romp pages I've done so far, and so if you feel like completely circumventing the [DBZ] page or just want to make sure you've seen them all, go here.

PS -- Some of these are dumb.

Four Hundred Wasted Meters
          This is a short play that I wrote in Physics class freshman year. Heavily influenced by my favorite playwright Eugene Ionesco (The Bald Soprano), it's funny, irreverent, stupid, and deep. There are drawings of all the cast, and the play would be practically impossible to perform. Check it out!
Name of Author by Title of Book and
His Sophomoric Effort
          I wrote some novels. You can download them for free (or even get them printed out with color cover for cheap). They are here: Name of Author by Title of Book and His Sophomoric Effort.
Tom 7's Original Winamp Skins
          This is a page for Winamp skins (downloadable graphics to modify the look of your Winamp MP3 player) that I've created. They're cool, check 'em out!
Tom 7's Do-It-Yrself Guided By Voices Cover Band
          A bunch of covers I did of Guided By Voices songs, in mp3 format. They're ... interesting.
Some Drawings
          My 'art' page from my old webpage is now hosted here on the cmu server! Some old drawings and scans, and places to find other art I've made. This is really out of date.
My Other Web Pages
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