Generic anime schoolgirl. I did this one in super high resolution, check out: [ 294x650 ] or [ 1176x2600 ]

( 10.30.2000 )


This is a photograph I took of a bee doin' its thing at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. This is a really nice picture! [ 500x338 ] or [ 1135x768 ]

( 10.06.2000 )


This is Utena from "Revolutionary Girl Utena", doing a blast maneuver which has no basis in the show.

( 5.20.2000 )


This is Selphie from Final Fantasy 8 giving you thumbs-up. What a cutie! [ PNG format ]

( 3.10.2000 )


This is a drawing of Yellow Jacket Girl.

I made this one entirely in Photoshop. I'm perfecting my technique for doing these kinds of drawings... lots of layers is the key.

( 1.21.1999 )

Sword Chick.

She is frightened, but that sword looks like it could do some damage. This picture reminds me of the Legend Of Zelda somehow.

( October 1998 )



( art bits )