The Art Of Tom Murphy 7

These are some of the pictures which I have drawn over the past couple of years. There are also some scans I've done of my paper-and-pencil (or whatever) drawings.

You can see Four Hundred Wasted Meters which is a play I wrote in Physics class (it could loosely be considered "art") -- it also has drawings of all the cast. 55 of my Interesting Notebook Pages and Interesting Notebook Pages II from the last two semesters are available, and filled with drawings themselves.

My [Divide By Zero] Fonts Page is rather along artistic lines.

Space Girl

A floating dog.

A Pencil-drawn hand (scan):

An irate man...

And Sailor Moon (scan):

Propaganda for the East Coast Hacking Organization (of which I am the only member):

A Telephone Pole hitting a Car (scan)

Serene (scan)

The wrapper from an anonymous Toaster Pastry:

A sketch for my upcoming game Anathema:

Note: The computer drawings were done in Deluxe Paint II or Photoshop with a mouse or Wacom ArtZ II tablet, three of my favorite digital art tools.

You can see my art all over other parts of this page, and in my games (see the Mooseware page.)

There is some art of mine on the Eli Whitney Museum page too, which I help make when I'm in Connecticut.

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