SECRET POWERS: Invulnerability to X-Rays
To always pick the slowest register line at the supermarket
An ear-piercing battle cry
Able to crash photo-editing software with her intimidating likeness
FOODS: Spam-flavored Knox Blocks
Raw BitsTM
ORIGIN: AuntieMae was born in the city of Lynn, whose theme is "Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin / You never come out the way you went in." I wonder what happens if you are born there?
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SECRET POWERS: Can hold his breath for four consecutive months
The ability to scrounge up a full-course nutritious meal out of apparent nothingness
Can identify cars by their tail-lights
FOODS: Neutrinos (sometimes Neutrinos & Salsa)
Air filters
Those Radiation Film badges
ORIGIN: Don was one of a litter of nine... born in Salem, Mass, the City O' Witches. Don purports not to be a witch himself, but I have it on very good authority that he weighs more than a Duck...
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