SECRET POWERS: Defender of canadia
Ability to detect TVs and Computer Monitors that are on from a different room
Able to read/write/speak extinct languages (French doesn't count!!)
Close personal friend of MacGyver
Good memory for the Completely Irrelevant
Fear of The Peas
One of the few remaining singers of The Frog Song
Powerful emerald sword that can cut people to little bits
FOODS: Raw Antelope
ORIGIN: Originally the High Warrior-Queen of Zubinelgenubi Prime, Kelayrel was exiled when dissidents overthrew her monarchy. She was sent to Earth, where she has spent the past several years of her Human Life. Carefully watching the sky for sign of her people, Kelayrel patiently waits for the day when her loyal citizens will rescue her and restore her to the Zubinelgenubi Throne. This is actually because she is delusional, not because it is True.
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