SECRET POWERS: Able to fail Calc I the fifth time around, even though she passed it quite comfortably three of the first four times
Can bring an army to their knees just by laughing
Can pass for 26 when she's 15, even though she's not 15
Secret falling bunk bed attack-from-above move
FOODS: Whipped Cream (Really whipped)
Grapefruit Juice (Really uh... grape)
Pumpkin Pi
An average of two insects per year
Pop Rocks and Soda at the same time!
ORIGIN: And I quote,

"She was a native of CHEESE-AND-COW land and a resident of 88.3 FM WRCT Pittsburgh, PA, coming from Scary Jensen Beach, FL. Survivors include mother, Barbarella; father, Spaceghost; brothers Dr.Katz, BananaMan, and Dangermouse; sister, Bjork, pets Count Duckula and Pumpkin; and that guy that was so cool, Mike P."

Peace out, yo.

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